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What is Gynecomastia?​

Gynecomastia (also spelt Gynaecomastia) is a common condition of men developing unusually large breasts unrelated to their weight. It can affect men of all ages but is most common during puberty and older age. The leading cause behind “man boobs” is hormonal imbalance. Doing cardio doesn’t help with this condition. The only solution is to get gynecomastia treatment to remove that excess breast tissue.

How Does Gynecomastia Surgery Work?

Certified surgeons perform gynaecomastia treatment for breast reduction on males with a loose enlarged chest. They will remove excess fat and skin tissue which tightens your skin. The chest is reshaped in proportion to the rest of the body, which ensures that the hanging part of the chest that resembles the breasts is removed with breast reduction surgery.

What are our Advantages?

Years of embarrassment, reluctance to swim and work out in the gym, inability to wear T-shirts or even take off your shirt in front of others can all be wiped out by a simple breast reduction surgery. A few hours in the hospital and 1-2 days rest are all you need to get rid of the stigma that has always been in the back of your mind.

There is no set price for male breast reduction surgery as every single patient is different and treated on an entirely individual, case-by-case basis. Book an appointment with our surgeon, who will tell you what kind of surgery you will require.

Meet Our Doctor

Dr.Deepu Chundru is a highly acclaimed Cosmetic Surgeon with over 15 years of experience, trained in US and in Brazil he is an expert in modern advanced Gynaecomastia surgery.

Having performed over 1200 procedures with the most natural appearing results he remains an authority in this surgery in the country. He ensures you a practically scarless result with a very natural appearance of your chest.

to talk directly with Dr.Deepu himself about your problem.

Different Types of Gynecomastia

There are several gynecomastia types; it may be one or two-sided, true or pseudogynecomastia, and the swelling can range in size or grades. Gynecomastia usually affects both sides, but one-sided or unilateral gynecomastia can also occur. It is common for one side to start growing before the other, and for one side to be slightly larger than the other.

Grade One – Mild enlargement of the breast bud, concentrated behind the areola

Grade Two – Breast growth spreading beyond the areola, with edges that blend with the chest wall

Grade Three – Breast growth spreading beyond the areola, with clear edges and redundant skin

Grade Four – Marked breast enlargement with redundant skin and feminization of the breast

Phanindra India

Gynecomastia Surgery is the best thing. It's like a blink of an eye and your confidence is restored. Good experience for me with Dr. Deepu

Ahmed South Africa

I had treatment for gynaecomastia at this clinic. I chose them because the doctor there was very interesting, but also quite humble.

Akash M India

He is a very nice guy with a lot of patience. The way he talks to patients is very good, he builds a very good confidence with his words. The treatment was also very good, Thank you Deepu.


You could try exercising to get rid of the loose chest because your weight might be responsible for this. Sometimes these man boobs are caused by hormonal imbalance. In that case, the only solution is Gynecomastia treatment.

You can start by maintaining your diet and exercising daily, but it still takes at least three months to see any difference. The fastest way to reduce chest fat is male breast reduction surgery. It takes just one day to get a flat chest.

There are two ways to reduce a man’s chest. One is by exercising and dieting every day, which will reduce chest fat in a couple of months. Another way is to get gynaecomastia treatment which removes your chest fat in a day.

Gynecomastia can be absolutely safe. But it should be done with an experienced cosmetic surgeon and at an esteemed clinic for a safe and advanced surgical treatment and to ensure that there are no scars after the surgery.

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