Are You Embarrassed by Your “Man Boobs”? 

Embarrassed by Your Man Boobs

Men who deal with male breasts which are also known as “man boobs” may feel underconfident and embarrassed. This condition is also known as Gynecomastia which specifically describes the excessively large breasts in men. Men who have this illness end up with “man boobs,” or breasts that resemble female breasts due to an accumulation of fat on the chest. While there are no health dangers associated with moobs, they can lead to psychological and emotional issues such as anxiety, insecurity, and self-consciousness.

What is gynecomastia or male boobs?

When a man is diagnosed with gynecomastia, his breast tissues grow excessively, creating a noticeable protrusion that is not typical of a man’s body. Although breast tissue is biologically present in both sexes from birth, the male chest typically stays underdeveloped and primitive in contrast to the fully developed breasts in females. There are several illnesses and other causes that could cause this male breast tissue to expand abnormally.

The reason for most men’s “man boobs” is an overabundance of body fat. These people have a greater propensity to accumulate fat in the pectoral area, forming a covering that covers the underlying muscle. Combining targeted fat loss techniques with muscle-building activities can effectively address these cases of enlarged male breasts. On the other hand, medical procedures such as liposuction can provide a quick fix.

What are the causes of gynecomastia?

1. Hormonal imbalance:

An imbalance between the sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen, can result in gynecomastia. Breast tissue grows because of estrogen. Even though men make some estrogen, their testosterone levels are often significantly higher, which prevents estrogen from stimulating the growth of breast tissue. A man’s breasts may enlarge if his body has an imbalance in the hormones. Occasionally, it’s unclear what causes this imbalance.

2. Obesity:

Gynecomastia is frequently brought on by obesity, which is excessive weight. This is because obesity raises estrogen levels, which can lead to the growth of breast tissue. Being overweight increases the likelihood of having extra fat, which can cause the breast tissue to grow. Although increasing activity or lowering weight can be beneficial for certain individuals, the problem may not always get better.

3. Puberty:

Boys have different hormone levels during puberty. A decrease in testosterone levels might lead to an increase in breast tissue due to estrogen. A lot of lads in their teens have enlarged breasts to some extent. When boys reach puberty and their hormone levels stabilize, gynecomastia typically goes away.

4. Older age:

Men’s testosterone production decreases with age. Additionally, older men typically have higher levels of body fat, which can increase the production of estrogen. The overgrowth of breast tissue may result from these alterations in hormone levels.

What are the types of gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia can be classified as the distribution of fat deposits in the tissues of chest. They are:

1. Confined to Areola:

This variety of gynecomastia is the most prevalent. It stays limited to the areola alone. The areola appears puffed due to a buildup of glandular tissue beneath it.

2. Glandular gynecomastia:

Wrestlers and physique builders frequently have this one ailment. It is related to the consumption of anabolic steroids, which are intended to bulk up the body’s muscles. These steroids contain an abnormally high amount of testosterone. It is converted into estrogen, which is what causes the illness. You can solve the issue by undergoing glandular gynecomastia treatment in Delhi.

3. Hereditary or congenital gynecomastia:

The disorder known as hereditary or congenital gynecomastia affects boys between 12 and 18. The problem usually goes away as people mature. It can, however, last a lifetime in some situations.

4. Adult gynecomastia:

This is also among the gynecomastia conditions that occur most frequently. The amount of adipose, fibrous, and glandular tissues that are present determines how big it is. Based on your circumstances, a specialist Indian gynecomastia surgeon recommends a course of action.

5. Pseudo gynecomastia:

Adipose tissue alone not just glandular tissue is affected in this kind of gynecomastia. It is frequently referred to as “false gynecomastia” and is associated with obesity.

6. Asymmetrical gynecomastia:

Asymmetrical gynecomastia is also known as ‘unilateral gynecomastia’. In this condition, only one breast becomes enlarged in comparison to the other.

7. Severe gynecomastia:

Men with this disease have significantly enlarged breasts. Under such circumstances, the best gynecomastia surgery in India becomes necessary.

How are gynecomastia or man boobs treated?

A cosmetic operation called gynecomastia surgery involves removing the glandular tissue that gives the appearance of man boobs. Patients can anticipate their man boobs to entirely vanish after this glandular tissue has been eliminated. Some patients will also have liposuction on the chest in addition to glandular tissue removal, which can help contour and give the chest a more masculine appearance.

Because gynecomastia surgery may truly change a man’s life, it has a very high patient satisfaction rating. Patients who get gynecomastia surgery feel better about their appearance, particularly when they’re not wearing a shirt or are in situations where they may need to wear form-fitting clothing.

Choosing TheNewYou for undergoing Gynecomastia or man boobs surgery:

The New You is the leading cosmetic surgery and man boobs clinic in Hyderabad with many years of experience in treating man boobs using the safest and most advanced surgical treatments. Men who want to get rid of man boobs in Hyderabad often choose The New You for the treatment of enlarged male breasts. The patient satisfaction rate is as high as 98% with hundreds of verified reviews.

At The New You, the first step in male breast reduction surgery is a detailed face-to-face consultation with the surgeon. The head doctor will take detailed notes of medical history, expectations, and budget. Depending on the data, the team will develop a plan for the patient which is customized accordingly.

What are the techniques of male boobs surgery?

The degree and underlying reason of your enlarged male breasts, sometimes known as “man boobs,” will determine how best to treat them. If the usage of certain medications is linked to your illness, you may want to stop taking these or switch to something else as this may stop your breasts from getting bigger. Similarly, if there is an underlying medical condition, treating it can help reduce breast swelling.

Surgery to reduce breast size is an additional therapeutic option. If you decide to move forward with this option, your plastic surgeon will remove excessive breast tissue to reduce the size of your breasts.

1. Liposuction:

Most gynecomastia patients will undergo liposuction initially to reduce extra fat deposits and shape their chests. Before extracting the fat, our surgeons break up the cells using a power-assisted procedure. Because the fat in the chest is frequently more fibrous than in other parts of the body, power-assisted liposuction is the best option for treating gynecomastia.

2. Surgical removal:

A minimally invasive surgical approach is necessary for the permanent and comprehensive excision of swollen glandular tissue. Liposuction alone cannot be used to eliminate enlarged glands.

Generally, general anesthesia is used during gynecomastia surgery. Liposuction may be used to improve the chest contour and decrease the fat layer, depending on the unique characteristics of the patient, particularly if the patient has significant fat deposition in the chest area. Gynecomastia surgery might take up to two hours, depending on how complicated each case is. The area surrounding the areola and under the breasts will be incised by the surgeon. The skin then separates from the underlying tissues. To shape a more masculine-looking chest, excess glandular and fat tissues are removed. It is also possible to remove any extra skin before sewing the wounds. A two-week recuperation period is usually expected following breast reduction surgery. It is critical that you carefully follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions to reduce the possibility of unintended consequences after the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can male boobs go away?

Fortunately, surgical procedures or weight loss can minimize the look of man boobs. Never forget to let your plastic surgeon know about your needs and worries so they can collaborate with you to get your dream body.

What is male breast fat called?

Your medical staff will want to confirm that the swelling in your breasts is due to gynecomastia and not something else. Similar symptoms can also be caused by other illnesses, such as fatty breast tissue. This is also known as pseudo-gynecomastia.

Do push-ups get rid of male boobs?

Gynecomastia cannot be cured by working your chest muscle with pushups, bench presses, or dumbbell butterflies. The gynecomastia tissue that covers it won’t get any smaller. Because the greater muscle “pushes” the tissue out, it is more difficult to conceal gynecomastia.

How to hide man boobs?

For example, wearing multiple layers of clothing or a thick jumper can be very effective in concealing your moobs. Instead of opting for airy, fluffy materials that cling to your body, search for apparel that is stiff and starchy.

How to lose man boob fat in 2 weeks?

Try engaging in exercises like cycling, swimming, walking, or running. Push-ups are a good at-home workout for your chest. You might also go to your neighborhood gym. In a gym, there are usually numerous types of weight equipment available.

Final Words:

In conclusion, resolving “man boobs”-related worries is critical to one’s physical and emotional health. It’s critical to realize that gynecomastia, the term for this illness, is widespread and can result from several reasons, such as hormone imbalances, obesity, and certain drugs. Getting medical advice and looking into treatment alternatives might help reduce the discomfort and shame that come with this issue.

It’s also critical to combat social stigmas and preconceptions related to body image. There is no universally applicable notion of masculinity or attractiveness because every person’s body is different. Individuals can be empowered to feel confident and at ease in their own skin, irrespective of cultural norms or expectations, by embracing variety and supporting body positivity.

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